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Originally Posted by dg1995 View Post
Underworld is at least miles better than Legend and Anniversary:

2.Far better swimming than those games(Where swimming in Legend and Anniversary was worse than PS1 TR games)
3.Far better level design(Since it's not small rooms being connected by long and empty corridors)
4.Far less QTEs.
5.Much better puzzles.
6.Motorcycle(Which in Legend was so limited and boring and Anniversary didn't have that)

I personally had no problems with controls and camera and don't know why you people had problems with that.
Also story was never that important in first TR games so I had no problem with that.

The worst Crystal Dynamic TR game is the 2013 one.(The RE 6 of the TR franchise with this difference that media/reviewers loved it unlike RE 6)

Also Underworld is miles better than AOD.
I respect your opinions but, no corridors? The game basically starting from Mexico was all about long, dark, cave-like corridors...
Must be a way to free another cart.
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