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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
Most of these are the result of fanservice:
Shoehorning Natla to their third game to please Classic fans,
People wanting Lara to go to ‘tombs’, which is just remote locations on the earth.
The ‘we don’t want outfits, ‘cause Classic games didn’t have it’ attitude.
We want pRoPeRr secrets, ala the Classics, which are ancient cups, or golden skulls, or golden roses.
‘We want an TR game urgently’
before i get into this i want to say that i got into the series in 2014 w/ tr2013, so i don't have the perspective of having been in the fandom in 2008. that aside, here are my thoughts.

i think adding natla and amanda both wasn't the issue, it was more the problem of "ok we're going from arthurian myth to norse very quickly" and it should've been built up more and slowly revealed. uncovering that the monomyth presented in TR:L actually stems from norse mythology, and that it turns out excalibur is like... actually some norse sword that arthur found, would be a lot more gratifying than natla going "oh btw we're doing norse **** now "

to counter your third point, we did get changeable outfits, even if it's just "choose what to wear out of this predetermined set per level". tbh i personally have no problem with how you find treasures/relics as it is now. breaking open pots to find silver octagons was weird and different but not awful. my issue was the lack of beneficial rewards

the core design games (well, the ones that actually have secrets) all reward you with ammo or health when you find a secret. since TR:L decided to just let you trade out bigger guns as you find them for a hint of realism, (doesn't make sense for lara to be carting around 5+ guns, after all) it obviously wouldn't make any sense to add weapons and ammo to secrets. hence the reward system, seemingly borrowed from TRII. and of course in TR:L, you're given costumes, cheat codes, pistol power ups, concept art, etc.

TR:U fails here with its attempt to streamline the reward-giving process. it reduced the number of cheats to 3 and you can enable them at any time; you can select your outfit before beginning a level; and you start off with all weapons. so what else is there to add? relics give an HP boost but that's the only substantial gameplay benefit.

actual unlockables would've been sweet. here are some ideas off the top of my head...

90 treasures - silver mini-SMGs (2x strength compared to normal SMGs, with high-capacity magazines)
179 treasures - golden rifle (ultra long-distance and high firepower, with high-capacity magazine)
all mediterranean sea treasures - (tbh nothing is needed here, you're given the swimsuit for treasure hunt)
all coastal thailand treasures - TR:L Biker added to this area's outfit select
all croft manor treasures - TR:L Sport added to this area's outfit select
all southern mexico treasures - TRIII Nevada recolor of Jungle Pants added to this area's outfit select
all jan mayen treasures - TR:L Winter added to this area's outfit select
all arctic sea treasures - Classic Outfit recolor of Jungle Shorts added to this area's outfit select (just a recolor so as not to negate the actual classic-inspired outfit in the DLC; tbh it'd probably look just like Guardian of Light's main outfit)
all relics - (as well as the HP boosts) choose any outfit in any locale
beat on master survivalist difficulty - infinite ammo option added to each area's weapon select (press the Interact Button to toggle on/off)

but instead, we get... concept art... and storyboards... joy.
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