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This is a 2nd season of my Tomb Raider series called Shadow War which shows my version of Lara Croft and her upcoming journey. The story continues 5 years later after the events of the 1st season. In 2010 Lara will be a wanted fugitive for the crimes she commited: killing Amanda Evert, making a raid in de Mornay Industries. Since that time there will be a reward for Lara's head. Jacqueline Natla won't forgive for Lara's betrayal. And now Lara regained her personality after she drank all the stocks of the Queen Elixir that kept her stronger along with her second personality. She's now 35 but hasn't aged since 2005 thanks to the elixir that she was drinking all these years. Lara will be looking for a way to get rid off her darkside. On her journey she will meet Alister Fletcher who will help Lara. Also there will be a mercenary called Chase Carver who will be hunting on Lara to get the reward. Zip who survived Lara's attack will be in prison for partnership with Lara before. Atlas de Mornay will be working on his project with the Tree of Life. There's more to find about the Queen Elixir and it's tree along with the Garden of Eden. Natla will use her power to gain allies and prepare for the upcoming war. Lara must find all the help she can get for what's coming and stop Natla once and for all. There will be one revelation from Lara herself and yet WE are about to find out who the hell is Lara's twin...

Main Characters are:

- Lara Croft / de Mornay

- Atlas de Mornay

- Amelia Croft

- Richard Croft

- Chase Carver

- Zip

- Alister Fletcher

- Jacqueline Natla

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