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I think it depends.

Both of them can be achieved with enough of practise and training. Although I think, Speedruns are the greater challenge, as there's always a goal to beat. Once you memorized the levels, NLNMAS runs probably aren't that hard anymore - they are actually more forgiving than speedruns, because you can still take your time to align jumps correctly in order to prevent sudden death.

In a speedrun, every (milli-)second counts - and although you can re-load once you screwed up, you probably will have to re-do the whole thing anyway, as the time you lost is nearly impossible to get back. Everything needs to be executed flawlessly and fast.

I'm not saying that NLNMAS runs are easy - I haven't completed a single one of those - because the NL part would drive me crazy - but in direct comparison, I feel speedruns are more challenging overall.
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