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Paititi aka El Dorado found in Peruvian Jungles! But itís not a city of gold

Fans bash Shadow of the Tomb Raider because of no Xbox 360 version

Fashionistas, listen up! Lara Croft reveals her secret of beauty: Tribal outfits and mud...

Another Crazy Croft! Lara Croft indeed goes after the footsteps of her father, Richard Croft.

JP, Tokyo: Who threw a motorcycle from a skyscraper rooftop?

Yakuza leader found dead half-naked.

Lara Croft reveals details about her Area 51 raid from 1998. Aliens, UFOs, and Element 51. Link to Antarctica disaster?

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft finally gets highly-waited iOS/Android release! Fans to expect PC remasters soon!

What kind of apocalypse was this? Nobody felt it...

Maya Gods & Goddesses accuse Lara Croft of theft and misuse.
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