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Originally Posted by Shirley_Manson View Post
Points for creativity though. The main Yaaxil lady looks genuinely creepy imo. I just wonder how she's not drooling everywhere.
I know right? Gross. I looked again at a screenshot and her cheeks have been cut from the corners of the mouth and then stitched back together. Ouch! Well, beauty is pain.
Originally Posted by AimlessThunder View Post
From what I remember all the Yaaxil were females.
I think that they also had their breasts removed.
Say what now, they are all female??! Seriously, I did not know this. Damn, thatís... wow. Crazy. I was going to ask how you knew this, but Rai already answered that:
Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I remember that time when someone tried to prove they were male, stating that as they were humanoid, then they'd have more feminine, curvy forms if they were females. Yet they're literally described as godesses, which, from a mural Lara reads, were once graceful. Living on earth for so long, often underground, has led them to become deformed, grotesque even. Only the Crimson Fire remains slightly more obviously female.

It is interesting how they've devolved. How they've become almost feral. The lack of top lip is interesting, it certainly doesn't seem practical, yet maybe they no longer need it, as they use their teeth to tear into victims? The Crimson Fire looks like she has a few metal (gold?) teeth, perhaps the lack of the top lip shows these off better, to be even more intimidating.
I must have spaced out during this cutscene, because I canít remember this at all! Thanks, very helpful! Looks like gold or silver teeth indeed. Also subdermal implants and some scarification going on there. The designers went all out, hahaha! Love the result though. They are indeed scary en intimidating looking, much more than the stormguard and the deathless ones from Rise. That part where you had to go through a tunnel with one of them creeping around was so memorable! One of my favourite parts in the game. Very effective use of silence (I donít remember any music there) and you were given all the time in the world to move forward. It reminded me of classic TR where you could hear something lurking around but you had to move forward to find out what it was. Iím grateful that Eidos Montreal brought things like this back to the series. Iím going to do another playthrough of the game during the winter holidays and finally try the DLC as well.
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