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Originally Posted by LCTRF View Post
Do you mean with branching dialogues these where you can choose which thing Lara says and will change some events? I would never get myself into that kind of twisted torture, but if it would help you, there was some sort of hidden text files of AoD flying around, containing the whole script I think.
I actually have the whole script dump available. I was typing everything up manually, but instead I'm listening to the cutscenes multiple times, finding the dialogue in the script dump, and then pasting it into the text file with rudimentary descriptions. Then I add onto it once I have the dialogue.

I only have three branching dialogues left though in the whole game, so that's good. Then the only other bad part will be testing the multiple ways you can treat Luddick: be nice and have 800 for the Scorpion X, be mean, and be nice but not have the 800.

With how much V-Packer Ammo you have by the end of the game, I really do think you should get that cursed shotgun back after Paris.
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