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I actually don't get why this thread doesn't have any reply, I don't even get how I didn't post earlier to thank you for your huge work. This is not one big ready-to-use feature, but rather an extension of TRNG, which somehow makes it even more valuable because it allows for even more gameplay features.
Things like checking the rolling ball speed so we can make a puzzle where we have to make a rolling ball fast enough to shatter something for example, ro lens flare control, counting how many times a switch has been used, checking if Lara is currently on a scarab sector (so we can use it as an extension to gameplay for whatever purpose we want)... can be used in combination with other things to create even more interesting puzzles. I remember a few years ago I spent time reading the triggers TRNG had, or more recently your hidden triggers tutorials, and it actually gave me inspiration several times for interesting/new puzzles (well, I didn't actually make most of them, but still ). And now there is even more to think about.
So thank you for this plugin, and for all the things you're helping us do in our games. I hope we'll get to see more in the future.

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