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Tbh, the removal of the grid system wasn't really the worst part of the controls. It wasn't as precise, but it sort of made sense with the idea of Lara building back up her strength that she'd be able to do more over time.

The real annoyance I feel is how several things about it were just completely broken. The small hop is really supposed to be used for shorter distances, since it stays consistent throughout the game, but in vanilla it's barely mentioned and was completely broken with the swerve at that. So areas like Wrath of the Beast and all were just needlessly difficult. The walk to run thing and slower run speed made it nearly impossible with smaller ledges to get Lara the running start she'd need to actually make a jump. And just smaller things like that.

They're not perfect, no. But having those things fixed or gone goes a long way toward making L&K more responsive I feel.
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