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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
just finished underworld with your mod... so pretty!

my suggestions are:

1. amanda's skin was recolored in the outfit pack, but the flesh tone of her scar wasn't. could you see about fixing that?
2. the eitr is gray in the southern mexico levels. i think it would be best if it stayed blue
3. natla's new bandanna is kind of cool, but i think it should be lowered on her head if possible? right now her hair looks like it is growing out of the bandanna.
4. i do enjoy your skyboxes, but i think removing them would make the game more stable and be less work overall. the default skyboxes look ok and don't look out of place with your new textures. in truth, i used the files you sent me to make my own version of the True HD environment modpack. i removed the skyboxes b/c i had a feeling that was causing my game to crash when i did Revisit Location during Treasure Hunts. and after your skyboxes were removed, the game ran a lot better. i know this is a big change but i would consider it if i were you, or at least make the skyboxes into their own TPF file.
Oh thank you that would be so beautiful.....&beautiful suggestions
I am glad that you completed the whole game with this mod.
I wanted to tell you that I was immediately modifying the dds files
Through Photoshop with this small performance
This helped me get away with converting files every time it was really stressful

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