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Hi everyone, JAMJOOM told me he ran into some trouble with his mod and unfortunately won't be continuing to develop True HD. I've taken it upon myself to make one final package, True HD 1.30, with a few final changes. (I have JAMJOOM's blessing for this.)

Thank you all for supporting him alongside me.

DOWNLOAD: True HD 1.30

- Removed all and any character textures and moved them to a separate TPF (Only environments and non-human enemies remain in the main TPF)
edit - forgot to say, this first change makes the true hd pack more compatible with outfit mods.
- Removed skyboxes (Game is more stable now)
- Removed JAMJOOM's UI changes (Electric blue menu icons return; font is white again)
- Removed gray eitr in Southern Mexico (It's electric blue again)
- Added new outfit previews

- All character textures from True HD added here. Renamed "True HD Characters"
- Lara's leg textures from Wetsuit are now a separate TPF (Place it in higher priority than this if you want her butt covered)
- Removed Amanda's skin textures (So her skin matches her scar)
- Removed Natla's bandanna (It looked like her hair was growing through it)
- Removed Natla's hair textures (As a result of removing the bandanna)
- Removed black sleeves of Snow Light (JAMJOOM's edit removed the color it had)
- Removed jacket from Jungle Heavy (JAMJOOM's edit removed what little color it had)
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