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From talking to various people who had contact with various animation teams & some of the animators at Core (don’t know who) it appears Core Design had their own in-house animation editor wich was a sort like room edit but with the capability to communicate with their real roomeditor (to render and talk to the engine in real-time) it featured a lot of hard-coded complicated functions BUT it allowed to set up camera’s,actors, lights, fx to render real-time in the engine.

Animations were done in a very old 3ds Max version wich were then exported by their own export script to use in their in-house animation editor and be placed in the room edit.
This method was used since TR1 to TRC (the classics)

Finally an answer to a lot of questions regarding this! & oh yeah the tools must be still outthere but they will NEVER be made public by courtesy of Eidos (square enix) & to complicated for normal users. They were written with Core’s original tombraider source code (Wich we will never get) & suited for win 95/98/xp so all 32bits stuff.

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