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Arrow Glitchless Keeping The Enemies Alive (New Challenge For TR2+TR3+TR4)

Menkaure's Pyramid:



This is a new challenge that I've taken on for Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider Last Revelation. It is a Glitchless Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge. The objective of this challenge is for me to complete the levels from those three games which contain allies, and attempt to keep every enemy alive, apart from any enemies who have to be killed for level completion. So the enemies who don't need to be killed are strictly not to be killed, not by me and not by my allies. I am allowed to kill my allies, and this is something that will likely be done if it means saving enemies. I did do a Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge back in 2015. I had to collect all secrets, and there were other restrictions too. I've now started a Glitchless Keeping The Enemies Alive Challenge, where I'm not allowed to use glitches and have other limitations.

This will mean doing videos for the following levels:
Crash Site, TR3 (Soldiers)
Lud's Gate, TR3 (The Damned)
High Security Compound, TR3 (Prisoners)
Area 51, TR3 (Prisoners)
RX-Tech Mines, TR3 (Flamethrower Guys)
Barkhang Monastery, TR2 (Monks)
Menkaure's Pyramid, TR4 (Soldiers)
Khufu's Queens Pyramids, TR4 (Soldiers)

I also have the additional restrictions of:
All Secrets
Minimum Healthpacks
Limited Saves
Pistols Only

To elaborate on "Minimum Healthpacks", I aim to keep the healthpack usage to a minimum. Ideally I won't use any healthpacks, but that might not be possible in some levels.
To elaborate on "Limited Saves", in Last Revelation I am restricted to three saves per level. In TR2 I am restricted to five saves per level. In TR3, I play as if I enter each level without any savegame crystals. Meaning that the number of savegame crystals that I collect in a level is the number of times that I'm allowed to save, and I have to collect a crystal before I can save with it.

In this video you see me complete Menkaure's Pyramid, the third level of the Giza section from Tomb Raider Last Revelation. I successfully managed to complete this level with 0/12 enemies being killed. A problem with the Giza section is that the scorpions don't just go after the soldiers; they also go after the beetles. Because of this, I had to keep the beetles safe from the scorpions, as well as keeping the scorpions safe from the soldiers. Having a soldier or beetle alive will result in the scorpions not being hostile towards you unless you shoot them, which means that the presence of the beetles who got triggered between 01:46-02:08 would've helped me when I was within range of any scorpions. If a soldier or beetle is present and you shoot a scorpion, then the scorpion will ignore the soldier/beetle and only go after you. I shot the scorpions at 01:18, 04:10 and 04:14, and this was to stop them from killing beetles.

You'll notice that I shot the scorpion at 01:18 a number of times during the level, and there was a reason for this. Not including Lara, this game can only have five active characters at once. An enemy counts as a character, as does an ally. If you have more than five characters present at once then only five of them will be active, whereas the other characters will become inactive. The five characters who are closest to you are the ones who will be active, and the characters that are further away will be inactive. Due to the high number of characters in this level, the scorpion who I shot at 01:18 would've become inactive at times. When that scorpion became active again after being inactive, he would've gone for the beetle. When you shoot a scorpion, you aggravate the scorpion. When an aggravated scorpion goes inactive and becomes active again, it will no longer be aggravated. This means that I had to keep re-aggravating the scorpion to stop it from harming the beetle.

I collected the level's only secret, didn't use any glitches, didn't use any healthpacks, only used the Pistols, and saved three times, which is within the limit of three saves. In the next video I will be doing Khufu's Queens Pyramids, TR4.
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