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Khufu's Queens Pyramids:


I successfully managed to complete this level with 0/22 enemies being killed. A problem with the Giza section is that the scorpions don't just go after the soldiers; they also go after the beetles. Because of this, I had to keep the beetles safe from the scorpions, as well as keeping the scorpions safe from the soldiers. Having a soldier or beetle alive will result in the scorpions not being hostile towards you unless you shoot them, which means that the presence of the beetle who got triggered at 02:29 would've helped me when I was within range of the scorpion at 02:32. If a soldier or beetle is present and you shoot a scorpion, then the scorpion will ignore the soldier/beetle and only go after you. I considered doing this to the scorpion at 02:32 to protect the nearby beetle, but this turned out not to be necessary. I avoided the triggering of two soldiers and two scorpions by doing what I did at 00:25. I slid down at 00:29 so that I could help myself to the secret. I then returned to the beginning so that I could go back up onto the area at 01:20 and then proceed in a way which skipped out a different scorpion and a beetle. Returning at 01:02 did cause the two soldiers and two scorpions to trigger, but by this stage there was a third scorpion, and so the soldiers didn't pose a threat. I collected the level's only secret, which required me to obtain the Armoury Key in Menkaure's Pyramid; something that I did off-screen. I didn't use any glitches, didn't use any healthpacks, only used the Pistols, and saved three times, which is within the limit of three saves. In the next video I will be doing Crash Site, TR3. In the previous video I did Menkaure's Pyramid, TR4.
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