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Originally Posted by Heartache View Post
would you care to share it please ? i know it was uploaded a few years ago on youtube. but that video seems to be deleted and i guess i never downloaded it back then. i would like to listen to it again
I'm going to copy you for the exact process to extract him from the game. I had written were not exact (because years have passed)

You need these programs:


First you have to open the Bigfiles with ROTTR TIGER unpacker
then use ROTTR DRM dumper
the second should extract the MUL files (in the bigfile audio folder)
put the two mini programs (Tomb Raider MUL and Fsbext) in a folder and start TRMUL. This creates the .fsb file
use the other program and it converts you to mp3

Final result

Ruba un mela e sarai un ladro. Ruba un regno e sarai un politico.

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