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Originally Posted by ReeceMix View Post
I simply tried to export it to trmsh and import it with trviewer, no suprise it didnt work 'out of memory' which is Trviewers way of saying ' wtf are you trying to import you freak that wont work'
Trviewer behaves a bit unstable under certain conditions (i.e., when saving the final .tr4 file, make sure you have the root entry selected in the treeview, so that no model is shown in the right half, otherwise it may error on saving - this is a trviewer problem, not related to the models), and I don't know what the problem is in this case.
However, check the blender output window after export and see if there were any warnings/aborts, in which case the model may not have been exported completely.
Another thing is, that each texture page in blender can be max. 256 pixels wide/high - this is due to the tr4 engine, where each texture page is 256x256 pixels and as such cannot have textured polygons crossing the tex-page borders (i've also mentioned this in the plugin documentation). If a texture is larger in blender, it will be clipped (the uv coord will not be scaled down automagically and may still be wrong, though).
It is hard to see how big your texture is on the screenshot (might be zoomed in), but I was trying not to produces invalid output files with at least a warning in the output
If it is larger than 256x256 you can scale down the texture and replace it for all marked uv-polygons.
You could also split the big texture up into multiple textures with 256x256 max each, if you want to keep the texture resolution, but this would also mean that you have to adjust the uv-polygons of the texture splitted parts.

so.... not that i understand half of what you typed, im guessing it has to be un uvmapped and turned into the classic squared textures (ive been saying for a long time that there should be a program somewhere that can cut up a uv map and turn them into compatible squares.. i just really hope this is what you mean and this is what i can do)
The thing is, uv-unwrapping of complex models isn't a trivial task - it cannot be fully automated to give satisfying results in complex cases. Blender has nice tools and features to accomplish this (ie. by using 'seams') which even comparable multi-thousands-euro tools like 3dsmax don't have.
The exporter doesn't need rectangular quads or tris: The tr4-engine supports them in any shape or orientation without any tricks or patches, so you can freely uv-map your models (given that you consider things like the texture-size limit)
The downside is that you have to take the time and learn to use blender (there's lots of documentation out there), and once you've mastered the awkward seeming interface you may find that it allow fast and efficient working.

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