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Default StrPix update (beta) version 3.95 Rev12

Latest version is revision 18s available in this post.

Note it is not full download. download revision 17 and copy the files into that folder.

New Version, revision 17.

See this post for details.
NEW: revision 15 in this post. Not much difference to revision 14 though.

Direct Link:


NEW: Revision 14 in this post
Direct link:

NEW: Revision 13 info in this post

Direct link for revision 13

If above link asks to register try one of these.

You can also download at trsearch in the Tools section.

Main change is added texture cutting feature.

However, see this post about how wadmerger makes this feature sort of worthless.

I have decided to post a thread with the link to my beta StrPix update so folks no longer need to access it via my profile.

Thanks to TurboPascal for generously releasing the source code.

Note that it's only a beta version because it hasn't been thoroughly tested and also that the .obj import is experimental and tends to crash often.

Can use this thread to post bugs but I may not be able to fix them!

Link for beta update of StrPix for those who wish to try it.

Warning: Wads saved with it have not been thoroughly tested to make sure they are ok and convert ok so make sure you have backups of all your wads.
Also not all functionality has been tested thoroughly.

Not mentioned in the readme:
1) vertex and poly limit for meshes is now 1500.
2) opens version 130 wads

Laras Boyfr. had a bug where the textures would not display in the 3D viewport when Textured mode was selected. I don't why this happens so if it happens to you, sorry, I cannot help.

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