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Thanks you all for the feedback! :)

Originally Posted by _KC_ View Post
How have you done this? Is this Tomb Raider code or have you had to make it from scratch?
I use original TRosettaStone level format description and v3 from OpenTomb guys. All code is written from scratch on C++ with OpenGL as main GAPI. I've some disassembled code from DOS, PSX & Android versions, but it's very non-informative and requires a lot of time and perseverance to understand what's going on there :(

Originally Posted by _KC_ View Post
Why does Lara move so fast? (not a critisim, I'm just curious)
Maybe you feels it because different FOV compared to original, but it's same speed. Anyway I'll check it on test track 8)

Originally Posted by _KC_ View Post
Is there any chance you could provide the option to use PC controls? (arrows to move, space bar to holster, etc)
I've thinking about that but in original you have some keys assigned to Home, Delete, PgDn, PgUp and my notebook (as example) has reduced keyboard with non-ergonomic access to these keys. Of course, in the future I plan to do controls configuration from in-game menu.
By the way, currently Web & Windows versions has gamepad support (prefer to XBox controller).

Originally Posted by _KC_ View Post
How much more work do you plan on doing with this?
I plan to finish all basic functionality (like camera, collisions, firing etc.) at the end of this year and in the spring I will finish the implementation of all logic objects and AI. Then I proceed to TR2 and so on! 8)

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