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I prefer GOL as well:

- Lara model seems thhiiickkk & looks unique
- Pretty shirt colour and shape (TRU shape)
- Spear-throwing is addictive and the spear-climbing is neat
- Balls make a great rolling sound
- Totec's shield
- The stylized cutscenes mixed with the in-game cutscenes
- the seemingly more puzzle-oriented bosses

I've made a list like this before, somewhere. But really, TOO went a little too light in my opinion, with the dialogue and the whole scenario in general. There is nothing all that much plausible or serious about GOL, but it never seems to declare this about itself. Or it didn't feel like it did. Whereas with TOO it's like... I can see through it. IDK.

Maybe it's the introduction of all these meaningless (no shade) characters that creates a lot of dialogue that I probably didn't care for.

I have not finished TOO though. I just thought the Beetle boss was too much. You're literally a knock-off, Saturday morning "Lara Croft" with the appearance of ROTTR (??) standing on a giant piece of ****, with some Egyptian God's and the most random guy in the entire world, and this **** is like a sphere but you can't fall off it or something...


Also, I much preferred the ability to break moves in GOL, and string-together rolls in such seamless succession. Me and whoever made the decision to change this will probably never exist in the same dimension again.
oh boy
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