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Originally Posted by BigR4444 View Post

I appreciate people who have something logical and interesting to add to the discussion. Ive had good conversations with people around here that Ive totally disagreed with; it does happen... quite a lot around here in fact.

This is not that.

Mindless, pointless insults, based on nothing more than some pathetic persons personal dislike, towards another persons physical appearance, and personality is not, "an angle to the conversation."

I dont understand why celebrities are fair game to this kinda stuff... if all those comments were directed at a member here, the ban-hammer would have come down after about the 5th or 6th post.

This person has added nothing valuable to the conversation. And will continue to add nothing useful...

Not liking an actor or actress is a personal preference... whatever...
Trying to fabricate a link between that actress to a hollywood producer who sexually assaulted dozens of women, because you want other people to dislike the actress as well, is a sign of a seriously disturbed person... Yet we just allow this behavior to continue, because... ...I honestly dont know why
%100 agree with you sir!
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