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Originally Posted by Soma Holiday View Post
I barely finished my submission but here it is. i doubt i have a chance there are so many amazing artists but it was fun and ive never done a high contrast artwork so i learned a lot.


I like a lot of the ones posted especially the last few i know a member here made those I think youve got a great shot!!! Would be cool for a member to win!!
Wow, you are very talented! I absolutely love the style: abstract yet subtle. If you ask me, I think you have as much of a chance of winning as anyone else! Give yourself some credit

For those of you who know Inna-Vjuzhanina, she entered the comp too, and my god, it is a breathtaking piece. She is one of my favorite TR artists and she did not disappoint with her entry. Here it is:


I love the theme of water and it almost shows her overcoming it. I think it's very appropriate. And the look on Lara's face - so fierce. Not to mention she got Alicia's face so right. Well, maybe you do have your work cut out for you, Soma.

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