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Thank you again for this awesome addon, it works great!
There has been one small inconvenience that I have encountered so far that I wanted to ask about: the textures show up fine in Blender but when exporting as OBJ the texture.png does not get written into the .mtl file. I have to re-assign/reload the texture manually in Blender for it to get added to the mtl.

I realize the addon was optimized for fbx, it's just that for Tomb Editor the .obj file format works best when a model is supposed to have shininess.
Re-assigning the texture is a small extra step and nothing to complain about, just thought I mention in case it's something that can be fixed easily.

edit: after spending a bit more time importing and exporting things, I think having to reassign textures is perfectly fine. It's probably best to manually rename the automatically created texture.png and give it a custom name so the texture doesn't get accidentally overwritten when exporting several models into the same folder and then you have to reassign textures in any case, so it's all good the way it is.

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