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After Yamatai she appeared multiple times:

1. she had a curse on her ,Sam and Jonah included, because they took some trinket with them from Yamatai.

2. leading up to RoTR, and trinity started appear even more, this one time, Lara was hanging out with her and Alyssa (Reyes' daughter) and they got attacked.
At that point, Reyes broke all connections with Lara, in order to protect her daughter. After that she wasn't present in a long time...

3. leading up to SoTR, she appeared for a few screens, where she introduced a friend of her to Lara, because Lara started to learn hand to hand combat.

Finally, the infamous 8th dlc was supposed to have a letter from her, but as we know, the dlc never happened.

She as a person had not changed from what we knew in the first game.
In short, she's on friendly terms with Lara, but keeping her distance still.
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