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Originally Posted by Moon-Safari View Post
Thanks alot! I think that's a pretty good cliff hanger. It leaves Reyes with some very understandable reservations about Lara, which is where I like their relationship. It provides tension and an opportunity for surprising companionship when the odds are against them and they have to team up. I hope they bring Reyes back in some capacity in the games, it doesn't have to be major. It shouldn't be major actually. Her attitude is really fun in short bursts only lol.
I think there's place for her (some sort of replacement of Zip) but her general reason to be distant is not good.
At first she refused to be Lara, because Lara couldn't let Yamatai go.
After that she kept her distance , saying she has to protect her daughter.( Despite Alyssa insisting to stay friendly with Lara)
Finally she appeared for a few panel, but she's still distant.
Unless she's a helicopter mom, there's no reason to use Alyssa as an excuse, since she's 18 and goes to university. (According the scrapped dlc)
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