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Going back to the OP's problem it sounds to me suspiciously like the quite well known rundll.exe and gameux.dll issue a number of Eidos games have in particular.

This explains the fix:-

I was reminded of this recently because my long time install of TR2 Gold from the original discs on a Win7 64bit PC used with a no-cd shortcut, suddenly started having to be double launched. This left a process running even after you exited the game and slowed the shutdown of the PC.

It was so long ago I'd had the same problem before with TR5 I'd forgotten about it and that solution. It appears the SysWOW64 > gameux.dll was reinstated by some other game or Windows update and I hadn't noticed.

Anyway the point is that disabling that 64bit DLL just by removing or changing its extension fixes the problem.

This is the original source for information I've just re-found and it also explains something that was bothering me: why I have a SysWOW64 > gameux.dll.UBEOGESH in my Windows folder alongside the unwanted new gameux.dll.

The problem, unlike that Steam forum thread suggests, is said to be an online issue. The gameux.dll is trying to connect to a now non-existent server to check for updates. I'd guess the Steam offline issue is possibly because Steam actually stops that check but if you're not using Steam but still online it doesn't.

That's an uneducated guess. I do not use Steam, my TRs are all installed from original discs.

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