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Default Anniversary Fixes Texture Pack

Hi everyone!

MachoBroccoli's efforts in fixing some of Legend's issues have sparked my interest in creating a similar project for Anniversary. You can check out his fantastic thread here:

During my recent playthrough - I've come across a number of anticlimactic mistakes. One of these is Natla's tiara and necklace which is split down the middle. I've edited both of these to close the gap. The lower part of the necklace have been raised a little to better tie-up with the rest of the jewellery.

Before | After

The grey stripe on Natla's forehead and the pixel line below her scarf have been removed. This issue affects Natla's model in both the Introduction and Ambush cutscenes.

The split down the middle of Demon Natla's face is another consequence of bad UV mapping. I've also properly lined up her teeth as well. Modern Natla and Queen Natla's teeth needed straightening too.

Tihocan's nose and teeth needed a little work too.

Take a look at the texture mess that is Lara's hand. I've edited the texture to fill the parts that shouldn't be showing skin in addition to making the glove edges more crisp.

In the Banishment cutscene - there are layers of erect trees textures which are not properly transparent due to conflict with the yellow mist. It's a lot more obvious when watching the cutscene play out. The erect trees texture have been changed to a blank alpha image to remove the issue. The surface below the hills have been darkened in an attempt to blend with the environment a little better.

Above: Before changes | Below: After changes


To play Anniversary with these fixes - you'll need:


tpf file ver.1.3:

(Texture files are included. DRM files are also available.)

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