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Default The reboot comics was the best version of reboot Lara

So I've been reading the reboot comics and I have to say that they show reboot Lara at her best. I wish I read the comics sooner.

I can definitely see why some fans ship Lara and Sam, Lara described Sam as her other half. They have such a relationship where Lara is sort of complete with Sam there. Lara is more grounded series type, where Sam is the more light hearted adventures type. I hated Sam with a passion in the games, but she really fills a certain role in Lara's life in the comics that cannot be denied.

Lara herself is very interesting in the comics, I love how she questions herself and actually asks if she is the monster in the story. But then she just says she doesn't care because all that matters is that she survives and protects her friends.

My favorite part was when Lara returns to Yamati and even though she knows the cult is planning on ruling the world and all that, Lara doesn't care. In that moment she felt like the old Lara, like a glimpse of her inside. She gave zero bleeps about saving the world, all she cared about was getting Sam and going home. She just stopped the cult because they were in her way.

It's something classic Lara would do and had done countless times. So far she doesn't seem to care about the world at all, she has a bit of selfishness that's been missing from the games. She also has loads of personality in the comics and the one liner sassy moments every now and again.

It's easy to see how she would become the Lara we all recognize. I thought Rhianna didn't understand Lara, but I was wrong. She understood Lara in many ways and it's really ashame that they didn't let her continue to be a main influence in Rise and Shadow.

If your not a fan of the games, I'd urge you to give the comics a try because they are good. I am very surprised and happy to embrace more Lara and Tomb Raider content that feels worth of the Tomb Raider name.
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