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Default Tomb Raider Trilogy Challenge Tomb Competition


Welcome! Here's how it goes...

Throughout Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider,and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, there are collectively 33 challenge tombs, including Downloadable Content. Each of these are diverse in size, difficulty level, and solution style. Now that the trilogy is over...let's do something fun!

The goal of this competition is to find out what tomb survives until the end. Provided after the instructions will be a list of all 33 tombs. Each tomb will be ranked through your choosing. Your top choice will be displayed as #1, and your lowest will be #33. All participants will send me a PM of their selections. Top choices (ranked #1) will get 33 points, and lowest choices (ranked #33) will get 1 point. The tomb with the most points collectively at the end will win! In the days following the deadline, I'll reveal all tombs knocked out (Day 1 - Tombs 33-28, Day 2 - 27 - 22, etc.) with some hopefully good commentary and discussion from you all

  • Don't sabotage a game or certain tomb in order to place one of your preferred ones higher up in the ranking. If you think a tomb should be #6 on your list, but want your #1 to win, don't make your #6 your #33, if that makes sense.
  • One entry per user
  • All tombs must be ranked, if you haven't played one of them, feel free to watch a video.
  • As it stands now, I'm giving one month from today (January 7, 2020) to gather your rankings and submit them to me. If there aren't enough submissions (but still enough interest), I'll extend it). Ideally, I'd like for there to be at least 10 participants.
  • Have fun with it! Don't stress yourself out over these rankings.
  • To avoid spoiling potential results, please don't post your lists in this thread. A PM or even a visitor message to me will do just fine
  • If you have any sentiments you'd like to share about specific tombs in your rankings, feel free to add them when you send in your list, I'll post them once that tomb is out of the competition.

Tomb of the Unworthy
Hall of Ascension
Well of Tears
Chamber of Judgment
Stormguard Sanctum
the Flooded Vault
Temple of the Handmaidens
Tomb of the Lost Adventurer
Ice Ship
Ancient Cistern
Voice of God
The Red Mine
House of the Afflicted
Baths of Kitezh
The Pit of Judgment
Catacomb of Sacred Waters
Chamber of Exorcism
Ancient Aqueduct
Forge of Destiny
Howl of the Monkey Gods
Howling Caves
Judge's Gaze
Mother Protector
Path of Battle
Path of Huracan
San Cordoba
Slayer's Gauntlet
Temple of the Sun
The Sixth Seal
Thirsty Gods
Tree of Life
Underworld Gate
Zipacna's Craving

May the best tomb win!
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