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Originally Posted by ace_85 View Post
I am aware of one piece of TR3 trivia that has gone almost unremarked upon for the entirety of the game's history. Years back, on this forum, someone posted a scan of a magazine article where the Core developers were talking about TR3's improved enemy AI routines, and how they had programmed the T. rex in Crash Site to follow a flare like in the famous Jurassic Park scene with Jeff Goldblum's character. I distinctly remember testing this theory out in the game, and it actually seemed to work to distract Rexy. I don't currently have TR3 installed to test again, but I'd love somebody else to independently corroborate my findings/memory of this little Easter egg.
This felt, so familiar to read and not from a magazine memory. Jumped onto Google and it turned out it has been tested and it is, somewhat functional. Stella's has a guide to try the technique even! I now vaguely remember it was a discussion in the trle subforum some time back as a desired function, or if its code still stuck around into the TR4 trle engine and could be expanded on.

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