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Current Requesting Process - Effective as of May 8th!

The team is just beginning and we would like to start off with things as neat and organized as possible.

I believe we have a strong team ready to begin taking requests.

In this thread, please AVOID useless comments from now on, like "oh wow, that object is amazing", or "can you send that to me too?" These comments can be said in the object showcase thread, or visitor/private messages.

The team will choose what they are comfortable with building and they have the right to give up/pass on a request ANY time they want to.

How to request:

Answer as many of the following questions as possible:

What do you need?
Do you have reference pictures?
Do you need it textured? Are there specific textures you want to see used? Can you supply these? Where can they be found?
Can you give proper proportions? How big should it be? (editor dimensions please, not "big, small", etc)
By when do you need it?

This will give builders the information that they need. A builder will make a post in this thread announcing what object they are taking on.

The builder/requester must then stay in contact somehow to make sure everyone is satisfied and everything goes as planned.

If requests begin to pile up, the object team may go on "hold" for a week, and no new requests will be welcomed which will give time for builders to build!

If a builder posts a ridiculous request, e.g. "I need all the objects from Thailand", and no one accepts the request I will reject it.

If the request is vague and does not give proper details or is rude in anyway, it will be rejected. Builders will not accept any rejected requests.

Have fun!

- UPDATE. Limit has been removed. You can have as many requests per month as you like, but if I feel like you are "overdoing" it and posting several massive requests I will reject future requests!

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