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Originally Posted by LoreRaider View Post
^ Never use Fraps with newer systems, it's a lot old and outdated
How about Bandicam? It's the one I'm using for many years and works like a charm, also updated constantly
Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post
Use Bandicam !
Bandicam ... yeah, I should have it somewhere in my windows xp ... I remeber I tried to download it but it didn't work. I effectively never tried it on Windows 10. Do I need to use internet? Cause my two computers are located kinda far from my wi-fi and I never get signal, in fact I use my pc and my tablet for Tomb Raider forums ...

Originally Posted by jeffrey van oort View Post
Cool texture work ^^
I must admit that textures aren't mine, but I have modified some yesterday with my good old Photoshop of the 2000, for example the mouth texture was cut badly and I remade it in order to make it looks fine.

I was thinking, what about a demo? With Under the Guardhouse level only? That's the only level which I'm really proud of since now. I just gotta fix the atmosphere and then searching for a tutorial because want that Lara's health bar slowly fills by itself because I'm not really creative in "wondering when is the player dying". After I'll find it, I will also put medipacks but they'll be for really extreme situations (probably each enemy, cause I made them really powerful).
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