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Question WineD3D?

Has anyone used WineD3D at all? It's a DX1-11 to OpenGL wrapper. I discovered it the other day.

I use it for TR3 and now TRTLA to allow my game to run in 4K with Reshade and have working FMVs. Just installed TR3 LA from my disc with disabled antivirus and rundll32 terminated in task manager.

Used Arsunt's fix and WineD3D and so far have no crashes at all running at 4K.

It's not without issues, for example:

Alt Tabbing in and out the game leaves a black screen or makes the window appear in the corner with the wrong scaling, this can be fixed by closing the game and reopening it in task manager.

Config.txt still causes issues, quitting and reloading the game if it starts in 640x480 fixes the resolution and returns it to the correct one. However controls still need to be reset.

UI elements like text and bars are still small.

And with TRTLA, it takes about 40 seconds to start. It says not responding then it starts.
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