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I realise the above problems is to do with the graphics card, but below was my solution to running old games and programs.....

I find the best solution to run old TR games and especially TR modding tools that do not work on win7 or win10 is to own 'old versions of windows' computers. This avoids all these technical problems with win7 and win10.

I have a win7 computer as I do not like win10. And recently bought a refurbished winXP computer off ebay for only $70, including the monitor and with a new keyboard and mouse / internet connection / one years guarantee. (Its from one of these companies on ebay that buys up bankrupt business computers in bulk and wipes them, refurbishes them, adds choice of programs like winXP or win7 and sells them on cheap).

I could connect both computers network style, but instead I just transfer info between computers using memory sticks.

My WinXP on left, Win7 on right...
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