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It's Chase The Express on PS1.
This is a 3D game with similar dynamics of Dino Crysis or Resident Evil, but the mood is not horror. It is that you're an agent and you've to save some politicians that are kidnapped in a train by terrorists and it's going from Russia to France. It has a bit stupid controls of the character and it's very difficult to proceed because you can't find enough medikits and ammo (that you use with the terrorists) and it's easy to be killed. As comparison I can say that RE2-3 are better and Dino Crysis too. But I find it original because it seems to be all in the train and the way they managed the puzzles is nice for the environment they chosen (you know, take the disk, overwrite the data, put the disk into a computer to hack it in order to unlock a room ecc). Many parts of the train are unaccessible and you've to use alternate methods and to remember the things you've seen, and to use the right objects that you've collected. Combat suck too much.
But in the end, it's not that bad if you like retro gaming. It's only that... I'm stucked :| So I quitted. But I'll retry with more determination. Now I'm only playing TRLE levels.
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