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It was an absolute delight to read all your more mature views of these levels! Comparing this review to your previous ones, I can see a steady growth in critical thinking and objectivity. The Tinnos level is a good example, you were cautiously wary of this level in the previous review if I recall; however, this time around you were ruthless and brutal and draw out all the flaws this level has and leave it bare. I have to say I appreciate the effort. I am replaying TR3 myself recently, as much as I think Tinnos belong in the same epic category of Xian and Atlantis, it was definitely the worst executed one out of the three.

Out of the classic trilogy, I think TR2 definitely had the best overall pacing and flow among the levels, the tension and the challenge slowly build up and by the time you reach Xian the game is ready to throw everything it has against you in a exorbitant manner. TR3 suffers because the middle stages can be played in any order and while each is self contained and they are all fun episodes on their own, often times they don't build on one another. By the time you reach Antarctica, instead of the climax of the game, it really feels like another region and was almost designed no better than another region. It is a good thing we have the Lost Artifact to pick up the slack and end the journey on an incredible high note
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