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I also never played TR-2 and decided to do it this year! I set up several versions: the original (that is as it comes from Steam), a version launched by Peixoto launcher with the textures by Hiroyuki, an the Dox Demo by Nicobass (so far going no farther than the wall, but I have a lot a fun!) Now I am adding this, and so far it seems the best, the fluid game-play of the original with the ease of installation and I still have to play with the registry settings if I want to spend more time in that beautiful setting of the wall.
This is extraordinary work and I deeply admire the concept of the DLL which allows to decompile a portion, and check it inside the original executive! Now with the binaries, the installation is a breeze.
Like many in this forum, I think
Originally Posted by Danath View Post
You are doing God Core's work. You don't have to do those tweaks in the engine rendering if you don't want to. It would be amazing but you are doing enough as is.
so I hesitate to bring questions about Game-play but anyway i wonder if you found any way to expose the control of Lara (that is what happens when a key is pressed until Lara move, or jump, or swim)
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