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Originally Posted by ozzman View Post
i just got a new pc and i can't seem to open this program, i have installed both required programs and when i click the app to load it, i get the blue loading by my mouse and nothing happens, the program doesn't open at all
* Perhaps, the app wont works for everybody (friends only version)?
* Perhaps, you try to running it on Windows 7 or W8 or W10 ... and you have make the failure too install both frameworks (This was only for Windows XP and Vista)?
I have no problems with XNALara 9.7.8, even not after now 11 years and one day, even though I rarely use it. Maybe Dusan can help you. But he will need more information than just "got a new pc" (OS version, computer specs ...)

BTW: Has Alex Fly leave this forum?
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