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Default Modding a singular TRC level

Hi all.

I'm aware TRC is notoriously hard to mod due to TRviewer not being compatible and fexmerger not having trc trigger types.

Re streets of Rome

Even after the "black crow" switch glitch, if I remove the final door in "Streets of Rome" where the Saturn symbol sits, the flipmap trigger becomes corrupted post modding therefore I cannot step on Cutscene 2 trigger/end level.

What I'm thinking is I need to somehow change cutscene 1's trigger to cutscene 2. Hex editing? What should I look for?

I dont care about fixing the broken triggers, I just need access to actually start cutscene 2. A simple trigger anywhere would actually do dandy considering the object placements and cutscene data is external. It's just impossible to get into the room with the cutscene trigger.
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