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Originally Posted by sheepman23 View Post

Here's a little project I've been working on for the past several weeks...

Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts! I tried to pick either the most dramatic OR most summarizing second from each stage - I'd love to hear of any opportunities you think I might've missed though.

Also... yes, I know it doesn't include the reboot trilogy. However, because Lara's Theme plays for the exact length that I needed for TR1 - Underworld, I left it out. The reboot trilogy's style is also WAY different than the first 9 games, so I felt this cutoff was appropriate. Additionally, I left out Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow - mostly because I couldn't get a good recording of them - and combined some of the other Underworld levels. So yeah, not exactly a perfect "every level", but almost.


I loved it. How nostalgic.

Someone remake the original 4 games please.
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