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Thank you all for your kind words

Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Good one!

Just out of curiosity: That pickup at 0:47 is necessary to swallow the damage from the jump, right?
Nop, it's because I need the uzi ammo for the torso in the last level, and this is the fastest pickup for this in the game, since it's 2 uzi ammo pickups bundled with a large medipack, which will probably be used in Sanctuary.

Originally Posted by Heartache View Post
just casually pulling 4 levers across an entire map

im sad when this is over, its like a tv show where im always awaiting the next new episode
Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Why are these so pleasing to watch damn it.
I can't wait for the entire game to be completed, once that's done I'll open the entire playlist and watch the whole thing again in one sitting.
Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
And it's only gonna take a few minutes. Crazy.
You could wait for the tasvideos publication. They encode the whole game in high resolution.
For example this is my TR5 TAS playlist:
But this is the tasvideos publication:

Thank you all again
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