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15 - Information for Mac Users.
The level editor for Mac works in the same way as for PC with the following differences.
1. Drag and drop. To convert your tom file into a level (.tr4) file simply drag the .tom file and drop it onto the Tom2PC icon.
2. Drag and drop. Edit your scripts in Simple text. Drag and drop the Script.txt file onto the ScriptEdit icon . A new English.dat and Script.dat will be created. Move these to the root level editor folder.
3. LOAD screen needs to be 640x480 @72 dpi in bmp format.
4.Opening a project. For some reason opening a project is faulty on the Mac. You have to do the following a) LOAD TGA b) Load Project and finally C) Load your object (WAD) file. Clicking on the project file will give you errors.

Operating System
MacOSX. The level editor is NOT a native MacosX application.
For best results you must boot up into OS9.x.
Running the level editor in the 'Classic environment' under OSX is problematic but can work ok on some systems. Depends on the version and video card.
I highly recommend running in OS9.x.

Horizon bug. This bug prevents using distance fog effectively (although distance fog works). The horizon reflects light from the level thus changing the colour of the horizon and ruining the effect.
Volumetric Effects. The Mac version does not support 'fog bulbs'.
Effects/Sounds menu. If you get just a blank window when trying to add sounds from the effects menu do the following.
Open the Sounds.txt file with simple text in the 'Sound' folder. Remove all the 'squares' (these are the symbol for the PC lline end which is redundant on a mac) and resave the file. Your sounds should now appear in Effectts/sounds dialogue.

If you have Virtual PC installed on your mac then you can use software like Wadmerger and Strpix without issue. The PC version of the level editor will not run under virtual PC, nor will Dextre3D.

The level editor does not need much in the way of resources and will work fine on even very old macs.
The very earliest i-macs work fine for both building and playing the levels.

Setting up the level player for the first time: (contributed by SSJ Wolf)
-If you're using Mac OS X, drag the carbon level player + setup applications from the "for mac OS X" folder, into the main folder and use those instead of the classic versions.
-You should launch the setup application first, and go through all the options and adjust them to your computer's settings. There's a special feature for mac users that lets you turn on Lara's "aha" sound, that's under the "game" tab.
-Then launch the Level Player and go into options. "Control configuration" adjusts the controls, and you can set the music and sfx volumes, sfx quality, and targeting mode. These are also adjustible in-game by pressing the "p" button and choosing "options".

To play the level:
-After installing the level(s), just start up the level player and press "new game"

Oh yeah, extra key commands!
-F13 or Command-Shift-3 takes screenshots.
-Command-Q quits the game.
-F10 sets the default brightness setting.
-F11 decreases brightness.
-F12 increases brightness.
-F5 opens the save game dialog.
-F6 opens the load game dialog.
-P button brings the pause menu up.

As far as I know the level editor will not run on intel based macs as they no longer emulate OS9.

Download bootcamp from the above link and together with your copy of Widows XP you can turn your mac into a pc. This is not an emulator but will allow booting into XP just like any other windows machine. So the PC versions of Level editor, Wadmerger, Strpix etc and all the Patches will work.
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