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18 - How to change the logo? (uklogo.pak)

The logo appears on the title screen and the standard one simply says Tomb Raider.
You can however change this and add the title of your level to it or change the whole thing into whatever you want.

Here are some examples:

The readme.txt inside the TRLE/Logo folder tells you in short what to do when you want to change the logo.
But below is some more detailed info.

- Inside the TRLE/Logo folder is a uklogo.bmp file. (512x256 pixels, 16bit)
This represents the logo and can be changed as you see fit using a paintprogram.
RGB=0,0,0 (black) will be transparant ingame.

Instead of opening and editing the uklogo.bmp you can also open and edit the uklogo.raw.
To open the uklogo.raw you need the following settings:

The size should be 512x256.
(This is how the window looks in PSP7, so it might look different in your own paintprogram. I also had to translate. I hope I translated it right. )

- Once you have changed and saved the uklogo.bmp you need to save it as uklogo.raw with RGB Interleaved ie RGB RGB RGB (Filesize will be 384k).
(if you have opened and edited the uklogo.raw you don't have to save it as .bmp first, ofcourse)

- Now convert the new uklogo.raw into a new uklogo.pak file by running the Logo.bat file.

A newly created uklogo.pak file will be placed in the TRLE/Data folder. The new logo will appear the next time you open the game.

I have the UK version of the LE so the uklogo.bmp might have another name in other versions. Like uslogo.pak in the USA, perhaps?

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