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19 - Importing meshes into a wad

Objects are made up of one or more meshes (=parts). Static objects are made up of one mesh, animating objects are made up of one or more meshes.

You can download several meshes at TR Search Engine: static meshes but also meshes for animating objects, mostly for Lara, like head or torso.

Below is a description on how you can add these meshes to your wad.

Adding a static mesh
1. Put a static object in your wad using WADMerger. Any static object will do since you will be replacing its mesh with the mesh you have downloaded.
2. Open Strpix and load your wad with the new static object.
3. In the Render Window scroll down (using the meshes dropdown menu)to the newly added static object. It will be made up off one mesh. This is the mesh you will be replacing.
4. Now go to the File dropdown menu and click Import Dxf.

Select the Guard Tower dxf file from your harddisk and open it. A small window will pop up and you need to select what kind of mesh you are importing. Select Static.

The object is now imported into your wad.
5. Texture the object.
Note: if you import an already textured object, having used textures that are not in the wad you are importing the object into, the textures won't be automatically imported! So you will need to retexture. A non textured object will appear white after importing.

Adding an animating mesh
Do as above but now select Animating in the Import DXF Options window.

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