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I have several ideas.

Since SecretProject#1 turned out to be an event with Core members talking about Tomb Raider etc., maybe it is something similar, but on a bigger scale or related directly to TRAOD.

Since Peter Connelly is in the team it might have something to do with unreleased content. I remember Peter saying how he thought TRAOD soundtrack sounded best as midi, and how he said he would go back to TR5 to fully finish the main theme. So maybe:
- It is a reedition of TRAOD soundtrack in TR4-5 style, or TR4-6 soundtrack as midis (highly unlikely).
- An album with remade music pieces like Nathan did.
- Some unreleased content like FMVs or sound samples.

Since Ash, Jenni and Peter are in the team, then maybe, just maybe, it is a short (animated?) movie about TRAOD or its continuation.

Personally I wish it was more alpha/beta content. I'd die for the Tomb of Ancients ECTS demo. Or the demo with better controls which were made too late so weren't implemented in the final version.
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