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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
I never heard of Darkness before, but I think I'm going to give a try...
I used to read a lot of Top Cow comics. Starting with the Witchblade and The Darkness and then all the spin-offs relating to their Artifacts universe (The Magdalena, Angelus, etc...). They built a really cool mythology around these Artifacts, specially after Ron Marz started working for Top Cow and shook the established status quo. That's when things really started to get interesting imo.

After he left, I started losing interest. There was a reboot of sorts of the universe and I felt a lot of the character development was lost in the process. And then a bunch of titles started getting canceled and eventually they all ended.

Then a couple of years ago, they launched a new Witchblade series, but this time it's a full reboot with new characters an all. I've been catching up on it and while I kinda like it, it's definitely not the same.
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