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Getting stuck for too long really sucks. Happens a lot in some custom levels (which are for some reason rated very high). When I'm stuck like that I'll use a walkthrough just to get a clue if possible, reading the less I can, and if it doesn't help I'll use a video to see what I missed. Just what I messed. And then I go back to it. And sometimes I get stuck again literally the minute after, and I'll quickly draw that walkthrough again.
I don't do it anymore when replaying official TRs because I remember pretty fast what the general thing was and I can find my way like that, but when I play a game for the first time (like Shadow recently), I'll have to use the walkthrough a few times at least. It's great to be able to solve things on your own, but when you missed one little thing and you don't know what, or the puzzle just doesn't make any sense (TRLE levels I'm looking at you very strongly), a walkthrough is always welcome. At least you'll have seen the whole game, which is also part of the fun.
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