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Originally Posted by akci View Post
One of the beauty of the glitches in this game is that they are not easy. They require skill and knowledge to make them work. I think of this issue like a toolbox, with legal gameplay I have fewer tools, that makes it more prestigious perhaps, but not easier. Because when facing with a problem if I have to think with the larger toolbox with glitches, more possibilities, more variations, it can be harder to even think of a solution that takes into consideration all possible options, let alone actually do it.
The obvious criticism is that a playthrough with bugs gives you better statistics in the end. Well, maybe that's the motivation for some, but for me it's not about having a few more pickups, but the consistency of the method, and what can be achieved with that method. So legal or glitched gameplay are equally interesting to me.

I would be very much interested in a challenge wherein no-scratch is the main priority, all other considerations secondary, crew expendable. So it allows both. It's on my laundry list, I just never got around to do it. Pacifist mode (low kills) would be also interesting.
Many people reported about their private challenges, so there is interest. Maybe it would worth a shot trying to organize another, possibly by a mod.
I couldn't have said it better myself. The feeling of achievement you get after finding new methods to aid your challenge is so satisfying! That's one of the many beautiful things these games offer, there are so many ways to play and so many undiscovered glitches, people always continue to find new things even after all these years. I personally go after every pickup as well, but never use any of them so it's also not about making the game any easier. Every individual has his or her own challenges, which makes it very interesting to read those challenge threads. EscondeR even made a grid marking the specific challenges for each member participating. If someone got around bringing these challenges back to life, I would most definitely participate

Originally Posted by xtimz View Post
Hi, there is an easier way.
It's still a bug. There're two important things for this bug:
(1) You must jump into the water, otherwise the distance is too far.
(2) In the water, you need to hold "Jump + Down Arrow + Action".
Very interesting! Thank you for contributing your knowledge xtimz. I've been following your vids as well. Got me through the beetles in TR4
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