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Originally Posted by AkyV View Post

How can I reach/call the memory zone fields (named in TRNG.dll triggers) in the source files?
Later, if I am not such a dumb of DLL making (I hope it happens...), then I'd like to make functions/triggers with them, not using TRNG.dll triggers. (One reason: I don't want to use those Local/Global Alfa/Beta variables with them, but customized variables. No way to do that with exported TRNG.dll triggers.)
I am happy with my first try for a variable condition, which works:

case 802: //flipeffect
StrAdrMemory *pSave1;
pSave1 = &Trng.pGlobTomb4->pVetMemorySavegame[58];
if (*pSave1->pShort == 3) {
PerformFlipeffect(NULL, 355, 0, 20);
Except, debugger says about pSave1:
"CXX0030: Error: expression cannot be evaluated".

It is a lame trigger, all I wanted was to understand how it works. It says if Parameter#58 (little medipack amount) is 3, then a flipeffect for a flashing light will be executed.


I "swapped the formula" for not getting from values of zones but forcing values to zones. Theoretically this swap looks this way:

case 803: //flipeffect
StrAdrMemory *pHello;
"The little medipack value must be 20".
But Vision Express says this error (for VetMemory... entry) when I build:

error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value

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