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Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
So I can use collaterally each other now Ptr_Lara and GET.Lara for StrItemTr4...
Okay, I get the theory. But, practically: what are the differences?
StrItemTr4 is just the structure, Ptr_Lara use StrItemTr4 and get the variable directly in "tomb4.exe" and GET.pLara use TRNG, just that TRNG have defined this variables with "GET." probably initialised in Tomb_NextGeneration.dll.
Ptr_Lara not need Get(enumGET.LARA, 0, 0) than GET.pLara.

Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
I always started my plugins with the plugin start map so far.
With your advice, I just realized that there can be functions in the default plugin sources which Paolone does not mention either in the start sources or Plugin SDK 1 or 2 or function collection tutorials.
here you are : Plugin Tutorial Link 246: SetAnimationAndSpeed, another example: Plugin Tutorial Link 231: IsMissingWall
all exist in Plugin_Trng final version. just move it from this project to your project (if you need it)
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