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Originally Posted by Valentijn101 View Post
I’ve read a walktrue and saw a video. But i’m not really used to the controllers yet so it takes me to much time to aim and shoot at the witch so she will cut the rope before i can blast her.
(i’ve put the settings on easy but i still can’t do it )
You can switch on the aim assist, that will spare time for aiming.

Also, use anything but bow on the ground enemies (unless, you have a good amount of mushroom and cloth, then use only poison arrow on them)

Once, you cleared them out, use rifle against her. While you shoot at her, position yourself near a switch (rotating rope thingys) and when she ducked down, press 'up' on the D pad. (after a while it will become muscle memory)
Shoot a rope arrow, then change back to rifle. (D pad 'down' or 'right', can't remember) When she'll try to cut the rope, just shoot at her once or twice, no need to keep blasting at her.
Once her cauldron is above to gas cylinders, release the switch. Rinse and repeat.
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